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After nearly three years of challenges and uncertainty, cruise lines are gearing up for a strong year with travel demand rising and Americans eager to set sail. A new AAA survey finds 52% of U.S. adults are just as likely or more likely to consider taking a cruise vacation than they were before the pandemic. That number is up from 45% one year ago.

AAA is expecting more people to book cruises in 2023 as several new ships have entered the market. November proved to be a record-breaking month for cruise bookings thanks in large part to Black Friday, which was the single largest booking day in history, according to many cruise companies.

Contemporary, family-friendly, and luxury cruises top the list of most popular ships among people who are likely to go on a cruise this year, according to AAA's survey. But smaller, more intimate ships are gaining popularity, like river cruises which offer personalized itineraries and port-centric experiences.

Some of the top reasons holding some people back from cruising are cost and health and safety concerns. AAA says travel agents can help clarify cruising misconceptions and identify the ship that fits your needs.

There is something for everyone when selecting a cruise vacation. AAA travel agents are skilled at finding the cruise that meets your budget and expectations. Experts say cruise lines have undertaken extensive measures to promote health and safety onboard, so you can expect attention to detail and cleanliness. In the case of unexpected illness, they have protocols in place to isolate passengers as they recuperate.


2023 Domestic Departure      Cruise Destination     2023 International Departure     Cruise Destination    

Anchorage, AK

Seattle, WA

Alaska Vancouver, Canada Alaska

Honolulu, HI



Athens, Greece

Barcelona, Spain

Venice, Italy


Anaheim, CA

San Francisco, CA 




Paris, France


European River Cruises

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Miami, FL

Orlando, FL

New Orleans, LA


Central America


Budapest, Hungary European River Cruises

New York, NY



New England


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bergen, Norway

London, England

Northern Europe




Medina, Saudi Arabia

Middle East



The survey was conducted December 2-4, 2022 using a probability-based panel designed to be representative of the U.S. household population overall. The panel provides sample coverage of approximately 97% of the U.S. household population. Most surveys were completed online. Consumers without internet access were surveyed over the phone. A total of 1,070 interviews were completed among U.S. adults 18 years of age or older. The margin of error for the study overall is 4% at the 95% confidence level. Smaller subgroups have larger error margins.

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