Farm Insurance

"Protecting Your Farm Operations"

Your farm is both your home and your livelihood – it deserves very special protection. We can help you protect this valuable investment with Farmowners Insurance, customized to your individual needs.

We understand the unique insurance needs of farm owners. The Farmowners Insurance policy provides protection for your home and personal property with coverage options similar to those offered in our Homeowners Insurance policy. We can also cover your farm’s barns, buildings, structures and additional dwellings. You can customize your Farmowners Insurance policy to meet your individual needs, with optional coverages. We also offer discounts and credits to help reduce your insurance costs.

Farmowners Insurance also provides liability coverage, which pays for your legal liability under your policy in the event of accidental damages for bodily injury or property damage to others. Your Farm Personal Property — such as farm produce and supplies, mobile machinery, poultry and livestock — can be also insured, as scheduled or blanket coverage.

The Farm Umbrella product addresses liability exposures unique to farm owners today. Farm consolidation, more farm employees, increasing use of owned vehicles to move commodities, livestock, and equipment have increased liability risks on the farm. Our Farm Umbrella policy covers farm and farm business auto liability and can be extended to include personal liability.