Why You Should Choose A Cruise

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Whether it’s from movies and TV, or stories from friends and family, you likely have some idea of what a cruise vacation is like, even if you’ve never taken one yourself.

Oftentimes that conception is a misconception. Some travelers balk at what they see as the prepackaged nature of a cruise trip; others might be hesitant about being “stuck” on a ship for a week, worried they'll feel bored or pent-up.

Here’s the thing: Cruises come in all kinds and encompass a wide range of different experiences, itineraries, and amenities, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all category of vacationing. There’s a lot to recommend about a cruise getaway, from the variety of activities and luxuries to the novelty of its outside-the-ordinary routine and rhythm, and there’s a good chance your first voyage won’t be your last. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a cruise for your next vacation.

Get Away From It All In Luxury & Comfort

While it’s easier than ever to stay connected to folks back home while on a cruise, a shipboard getaway also offers a convenient opportunity to do just that: unplug from the world and get away. The exoticism of the cruise experience—the offshore leisure, the faraway ports-of-call—lends itself to quality time away from ever-needy screens and the 24/7 clamor of news and information. It can be a refreshing break, and an opportunity to embrace the pleasure of the moment—something most of us, lamentably, don’t get very often.

The Perfect Family Vacation

As wonderful and memory-making as family vacations often are, they can be hard to pull off because it’s no straightforward task to find a destination or mode of travel that aligns with everybody’s interests and offers the ideal balance of togetherness and alone time.

A cruise can hit all the right notes: giving the whole gang a thrilling shared experience, serving up a smorgasbord of kid-friendly activities, and providing the grownups lots of chances to enjoy some time to themselves.

The All-Inclusive Appeal

Meals are included in the cost of most cruises, and the dining’s often of gourmet caliber. It may include themed and/or regionally appropriate menus that serve up some culture alongside the flavors, making it an all-out highlight of many a cruise. With some cruise lines also offering all-inclusive drink packages, you could make an argument that the best way to wine and dine is on the high seas.

There's A Cruise For Everyone

There are lots of different kinds of cruises, which means there’s a good chance there’s one out there that's perfect for you. You may want a general purpose, variety pack cruise combining rest and relaxation with sightseeing and shopping. If you’re looking for some full-bore pampering, you might opt for a cruise that emphasizes sunbathing, poolside leisure, and luxury. Maybe you’re a history buff, in which case a historical-sightseeing cruise is likely to excite. Nature enthusiasts, meanwhile, have a variety of ecotourism and adventure cruises at their disposal, exploring such awe-inspiring destinations as Alaska, Patagonia, and Antarctica.