AAA Member Benefit: Bicycle Coverage

Bicycle roadside assistance service is included in all levels of AAA membership within AAA Mid States territory – at no extra cost.

About AAA’s bicycle coverage:

  • Member roadside assistance calls can be used for bicycles or automobiles, along with our new coverage for motorcycles and RVs. Members receive four service calls per year, per person with their membership. A bicycle call will count as one of those service calls and is available in AAA Mid States coverage area only.
  • Roadside assistance does not include repair. AAA will transport a bicyclist, bicycle and any accompanying minors due to bicycle disablement to a safe location, bicycle repair facility, or home (this benefit follows the same entitlements under roadside services and may not be used for such things as rider fatigue or physical inability to continue riding). 
  • Cyclists must remain with their bicycles. If AAA cannot accommodate all passengers, we will assist members in obtaining alternate transportation at their own expense. 
  • Bicycle towing mileage mirrors vehicle towing mileage:
    • 3 miles for Basic membership
    • 100 miles for Plus or Plus RV membership
    • 200 miles for Premier or Premier RV membership (entitled to one tow per family membership year).
  • Service will be provided if cyclists can safely move their bicycle to a normally traveled road.
  • AAA’s bicycle coverage only includes non-motorized bicycles.  (Excluded are bicycle taxis or bicycles used for commercial transportation.)
  • Just like with vehicle roadside assistance, cyclists should show a valid AAA membership card, either through their physical membership card or on the AAA mobile app.
  • Because the ownership of the bicycle cannot be verified, AAA will not service bicycles secured with a lock for which the member has no key or combination.

Bicycle Safety Tips

AAA has been involved in bike safety for close to 100 years through educational programs and outreach efforts.

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