How to Drive Online—Novice Driver's Education

AAA’s How to Drive Online delivers the rules and essential elements of safe driving in an interactive and innovative way. Approved in the state of Pennsylvania and Ohio for novice driver classroom education, this online program aims to ensure that safe driving habits are developed and maintained for life. AAA has been a leader in the driver training business since 1935, so trust AAA to help keep the roads safe for all travelers.

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Special Member Pricing: $85.00 
Non-Members: $105.00


Who should take these classes?

Looking to improve your driving skills and knowledge?  Attend one of AAA's Driver Training classes to get a refresher on driving laws and information.

Members and non-members are invited to take classes to improve their knowledge of driving laws, prescription medications and how these two things interact. AAA's Driver Improvement and RoadWise Driver classes are taught by Certified Instructors and have no written exams or on-road driving.

AAA’s RoadWise Driver class is designed specifically for those aged 55 or older and combines the newest data and best resources in an interactive classroom environment.  AAA's Driver Improvement Program class meets requirements for those who are required to attended Driver Improvement courses for volunteering and traffic court violations. After completing either course, students will receive a certificate of competition for insurance or job requirement purposes.



Roadwise Driver's Education for Seniors

Online RoadWise Driver

Online RoadWise Driver

Approved online version of RoadWise Driver for Seniors. This online course is designed to help you be a better, safer driver. 

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