Slow Down, Move Over

AAA Mid States

Emergency roadside assistance stands at the heart of AAA's commitment to traffic safety. However, the dedicated men and women who come to the aid of AAA members in times of need also face significant risks daily.

Responding to over 30 million calls for assistance annually, AAA tow truck operators operate in challenging conditions, often on roadside shoulders narrower than four feet. Alarmingly, the towing industry's fatality rate is 15 times higher than the combined average of all other private sectors. Helping stranded motorists on the side of the road should not be one of America’s most lethal jobs, but it is. On average, two emergency responders, including tow truck workers, are struck, and killed every month by a driver who fails to obey the law by moving over to an adjacent lane and allowing the roadside rescuers the space to operate,

In response to these sobering statistics, AAA is intensifying its efforts to raise awareness and garner support for Slow Down Move Over laws. As of last year, all 50 states have officially passed a Move Over law.  These laws require drivers to slow down or change lanes whenever first responders such as police, EMS, fire, and tow trucks are on the roadside. These laws aim to safeguard emergency responders working alongside roads by mandating motorists to reduce speed, move over, or change lanes when possible, ensuring a safe clearance. AAA urges drivers at all times to slow down and move over, but now more than ever as wintery conditions cause low visibility on the roads.

The next time you encounter a service vehicle on the roadside, take a moment to slow down and move over. Their safety relies on your consideration.