Alaska Vs Caribbean Cruises: What to Know Before You Go

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Choosing between an Alaska and Caribbean cruise is a delightful dilemma. Each offers unique experiences, from icy fjords to sun-soaked beaches. However, one of the main differences between Alaska and Caribbean Cruises are the activities at port. There is a vast difference in excursions and shopping between Alaska and the Caribbean.

Excursions in the Caribbean revolve around serene beaches, with unforgettable experiences found on boat rides to secluded islands. Beyond beaches, there are opportunities for cenote swims, cave exploration, waterfall hikes, rainforest ziplining and visits to ancient Mayan sites. There is also endless shopping; one of the best souvenirs to bring back from the Caribbean, Bermuda or the Bahamas is a couple of bottles from a rum distillery along with ingredients for your favorite regional drinks. You can also find hammocks, sauces, spices, straw hats and bags. 

For those seeking adventure, an Alaska cruise delivers. There's no shortage of excitement! Alaska offers a range of captivating shore excursions including whale watching, glacier visits and historical train rides. While some excursions, like helicopter tours over Mendenhall Glacier, may be pricier than those in the Caribbean there are also budget-friendly options available. Experience husky dog sledding, mountaintop barbecues and even the chance to witness the northern lights. Alaska offers a fantastic array of native Alaskan handicrafts and art, along with ulu knives, smoked salmon and sweets made with wild berries. 

Comparing these vacations is tough. The Caribbean offers year-round sunshine with sandy beaches and lush rainforests, while Alaska boasts glaciers, fjords and rugged landscapes. Both regions offer unique experiences worth exploring.