Penske's Keys to a Successful Do-It-Yourself Move

AAA Mid States

The secret to a good DIY move is to start early and plan efficiently. Plan not just for your moving day, but for the busy weeks before and after. Here’s a quick checklist courtesy of Penske Truck Rental.

Before the Move Timeline

Six to eight weeks

  • Determine the right size Penske rental truck and reserve your vehicle (utilize the Truck Loading Wizard at; trucks can be reserved online).
  • Identify supplies and accessories you’ll need: boxes, tape, padding, hand trucks, etc. (available at Penske locations and online).
  • Check with your insurance company to make sure you have proper coverage.
  • Order mailing and return address labels with your new address.
  • Start saving your mail and compiling a list of places that need change-of-address notices.

Five weeks

  • Identify things you will no longer need. Arrange to donate these items to local charities, or host a garage sale.
  • If you will no longer be using their services, start checking with doctors, dentists, optometrists, pharmacists and veterinarians to determine whether to pick up your records or have them forwarded to professionals convenient to your new address.

Four weeks

  • Contact utilities to set up final meter readings and billing.
  • Contact utilities at your new address to arrange the start of new service. Contact schools at your new location and register your children.
  • Reserve storage space if necessary.

Three weeks

  • Find a bank close to your new home.
  • Request additional refills of vital medications.
  • Pick up school records.
  • Start recruiting people to help you on moving day.
  • Pick up packing supplies.

Two weeks

  • File a change-of-address notice and send change-of-address cards.
  • Have your cars inspected and serviced.
  • If they’re not traveling with you immediately, make arrangements to board your pets.
  • Consider reserving a hotel room for the night of the move.

One week

  • Return items you’ve borrowed from neighbors and make sure you have everything back from them.
  • Add all addresses into your GPS system.
  • Transfer prescriptions to a pharmacy convenient to your new home.
  • Empty your safe deposit box – put the contents in a well-labeled envelope to make it easier to find them when you contract for a new box.
  • Subscribe to local newspapers and community newsletters at your new address.
  • Pack travel bags and confirm travel arrangements.

One day

  • Pick up your Penske truck and make sure all drivers are included on your rental agreement and familiar with the vehicle’s features.
  • Clean your old residence.

Moving day

  • Have beverages and snacks on hand for your moving crew.
  • Pick an accessible spot to stash last-minute supplies.
  • Load your truck, starting with heavy and bulky items.


  • Make additional sets of keys – change locks if appropriate.
  • Update vehicle registrations to reflect new address.
  • Change voter registrations, if necessary.
  • License pets.
  • Contact new medical professionals and schools to make sure forwarded records have arrived.
  • Put valuables in safe deposit box at new bank.

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