Should You Worry About Electric Vehicle Range?

AAA Mid States

We are all accustomed to seeing a gas station on every corner so not being able to find gas rarely crosses our minds. But the same isn’t true for electric vehicles. Think back to the last time you saw a public charging station … maybe you have never seen one. The idea that electric vehicles have a limited range and there aren’t many places to charge has held people back from buying electric.

So, should you worry about electric vehicle range?

When electric vehicles first came on the scene, there were very limited options as well as fewer public charging stations. As a result, they developed a stigma of not offering the same level of performance as their gas-powered counterparts, especially when it comes to range. Automakers have worked hard to increase range capabilities. The EPA estimates the median range of 2020 models exceeds 250 miles on a single charge, a first for electric vehicles. Improvements like these are important, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

The other pieces? Knowledge and experience. If you are interested in buying an electric vehicle, it’s good to have a solid understanding of what they can do. For example, you may not know that an electric vehicle’s battery has the ability to “recharge” itself in stop-and-go traffic. Electric vehicles have the ability to recapture energy when slowing down and using that when speeding up instead of depleting the battery. That is just one little-known fact about electric vehicles. The point is that the more you learn about how their batteries and charging work, the less nervous you will feel about range.

Experience also plays a big role. Electric vehicle owners told AAA they had many of the same anxieties that other people have before buying their vehicle. Most, if not all, of those evaporated once they spent some time with their electric vehicle. They learned that it’s all about planning for the type of trip you’re taking—whether that’s the commute to work, a quick errand or a road trip. The AAA Mobile App or TripTik Travel Planner are great tools you can use to map the location of charging stations along any given route.

Electric vehicles will likely be a big part of the future of transportation and it’s worth seeing if they are a good option for you. Visit a dealership, take one for a test drive and ask a lot of questions. This way you can make an informed decision if you are ready to make the switch to electric.