Providing Value & More Protection Through Life's Stages

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Imagine you have just landed that first breakthrough job, gotten married or bought a home. While you move through these types of life-changing milestones, your needs and desires will likely change. But no matter what stage of life you find yourself in, one thing that remains constant is the need to help protect the people you care about most from life’s unexpected twists and turns.

One of the best ways to do that is with life insurance. There's value in knowing you and your family have this added protection at every step, allowing you to look forward with additional confidence and peace-of-mind. Consider these common life stages and see how life insurance can provide value no matter the situation.



If you’re fresh out of college and new to the workforce, you may not think you need life insurance – but think again. For the 54 percent of students who took out a loan to help pay for school¹, having coverage can help ensure that debt won’t be passed on to co-signers. Life insurance rates are generally most affordable when policyholders are younger and in better health, meaning there’s no better time to get protected.


Growing Family

With a spouse, children and more assets to your name, a life insurance policy can offer added protection for your family should the unexpected happen. The coverage from a policy can help provide a family the increased financial flexibility to pay off a mortgage, settle any outstanding debts and save for college. 



Before you know it, the kids are out on their own and you may have grandkids to think about. If you haven’t started already, it’s time to plan for your loved ones. A life insurance policy can help cover final expenses and provide security for your family. It can also be an opportunity to leave a legacy and build generational wealth.

Regardless of the life stage you find yourself in, having life insurance as part of your financial plan is crucial to help protect your loved ones. To get started, talk to your local AAA Insurance Agent, call 1-800-222-1469, or visit to see how life insurance can provide peace of mind at any stage of life.


AAA Life Insurance Company is honored to be ranked the number one life insurance company for 2021 by Rated best for price and customer service, the 91% of surveyed policyholders who indicated they would recommend AAA Life to others are a testament to the strength and stability the company provides to over 1.5 million policyholders. 

AAA Life and its agents do not provide legal, financial, or tax advice. Therefore, you may wish to consult independent professional advice prior to the purchase of this coverage. Life insurance underwritten by our affiliate, AAA Life Insurance Company, Livonia, MI. AAA Life is licensed in all states except NY. AAA Life CA Certificate of Authority #07861.

¹ U.S. Federal Reserve, Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households