Don't Be Shocked When Rates Go Up

Consider these factors to understand auto insurance increases
AAA Mid States

No one wants to see their auto insurance premium increase. There are some precautions that drivers can take to help reduce potential impacts to their wallets.


Being educated about what factors may raise auto insurance rates can help consumers avoid an unpleasant surprise. The considerations that determine an insurance premium depend on a variety of factors. It’s important for drivers to know that some of those situations are within their control.


Reasons Why Auto Insurance Premiums May Go Up

  • Accident involvement. Being in an accident could increase your premium. If alcohol was involved, the rate may be even higher.
  • Traffic violation. Getting a traffic ticket is one of the most common reasons insurance rates could be raised. The amount of an increase may depend on the violation.
  • Car Purchase. The car you choose may impact your insurance rate. Some types of cars are more expensive to repair than others. If the model of the car you drive is more likely to be stolen, this may also impact your premium.
  • Adding teen driver. Adding any driver to your policy could raise the premium, but teenagers may raise it even more.
  • More miles. The more miles you drive your car each year, the more at risk you are of becoming involved in an accident.
  • Policy lapse. When you don’t pay your insurance bill or renew coverage, your insurance may lapse and result in an increased premium. Coverage is only provided when the policy is in force.


To combat the rising rates, ask your insurance agent about discounts that may be available. These discounts may include safe driver, good student, driver training program completion, and multi-vehicle.


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