Automobile Technologies Enhance Our Experience, Keep Our Roads Safe

AAA Mid States

In recent years, the automotive industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation, with technology becoming an integral part of our driving experience.

In this issue, you will find articles on electric vehicles and information on anti-theft technologies, as well as studies done about adaptive cruise control, which is a popular new aid that helps keep our roads safer by adding an additional layer of technology to the common cruise control that drivers are used to.

As you’ll read in the AAA Foundation’s latest study (Adaptive Cruise Control Helps Make Roads Safer, page 10), the more experience a driver had with adaptive cruise control, the more they understood all its aspects. That goes for all newer technologies, as the results from the study have positive implications for all advanced driver assistance systems.

Like all advanced driver assistance systems, adaptive cruise control not only enhances the driver’s situational awareness but also assists in mitigating potential risks. From blind-spot monitoring and forward collision warning to automatic emergency braking and parking assist, new technologies have made driving safer and more convenient.

These new features are designed to simply assist drivers, preserving the driver’s ability to take control of the vehicle at all times. Though it is important to note that while all of these new technologies enhance our safety, they do not replace the need for driver attentiveness.

AAA continues to keep our members educated about EVs as they are becoming more popular. Check out the latest online AAA Car Guide (, with extensive information for consumers on rankings and ratings of the newest vehicles, including reviews on EVs. Also, as we mentioned in our Spring 2023 issue, AAA recently released our Used EV Buyer’s Guide, another digital resource for our members.

The integration of technology in cars has transformed the way we drive, making our journeys safer, more connected and more environmentally friendly. From advanced safety features to connectivity systems, the automotive industry continues to push the boundaries of innovation.

As we embrace the future, technology will continue to shape the automotive landscape, revolutionizing our driving experience and paving the way for a more efficient and sustainable future. AAA will be along for the ride with you throughout the entire journey.