Your International Driving Permit Speaks the Language – Even If You Don’t

AAA Mid States

Planning to rent a car and venturing out into the world on your own? Many countries require an International Driving Permit to drive legally.

An IDP is a valid form of identification that includes your name, photo and driver information. Your IDP is a form of identification valid in 150 countries worldwide and it translates your identification information into 10 languages. Even if a country doesn’t require an IDP, your rental car company might.

An IDP must be issued in the same country as the driver’s license of the traveler and may not be issued more than six months before the desired effective date. AAA is one of only two private entities in the U.S. authorized by the U.S. Department of State to issue an IDP.

To apply for your IDP, simply stop by your local AAA Office and fill out the application. You will need a valid U.S. driver’s license and two original passport pictures, which also are available at AAA offices.

Whether you’re planning to drive or want to keep your options open when you travel abroad, an IDP is the way to go.